Company Spotlight



How do we achieve an impressive 94% consultant retention rate in an industry often associated with transient employees? One relationship at a time.

At Macro Solutions, we believe personal attention for employees directly translates to personal attention for clients. That’s why we’re deeply invested in advancing long lasting employee relationships.

We created Consultant Care, a distinctive program in which an executive member of our corporate staff acts as a dedicated consultant advocate, responsible for staying in close, regular contact with each employee.

Project status, salary, training, even commute times or any other concerns are regularly discussed. Conversations are held in a relaxed, congenial way with a staunch advocate, who is outside of the formal client team structure. Consultants are placed on projects that set them up for maximum ongoing success and are quickly transitioned to other teams when situations call for it.

Consultant Care is a priority at every level of the company, all the way up to our CEO and COO, engaged weekly to review consultant satisfaction and client feedback reports.

It’s a true win-win proposition: Employees stay connected to Macro Solutions values and receive the support they need to do their best work. You receive more productive, engaged consultants.